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31 March 2011

Some more issues to watch for in Word 2007

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Here are a few things I’ve discovered recently.

  1. Strange compatibility issue with Word 2003/2007
  2. Style references sometimes show weird characters
  3. Open and repair works differently from Word 2003
  4. Nested field codes in footers are impossible to update with VBA

1. The scenario is that you have a document with odd/even header/footers and your first page is an odd page containing a paragraph styled with a paragraph border. If you then open and save changes to that document in Word 2003 it will cause the first page to think its gutter is on the right. What it actually does is inserts into the xml.

2. Word 2007 handles style references. For some bazaar reason Microsoft thought it’s necessary to insert characters for otherwise invisible elements into style references. For example if you have a heading with the text “Chapter 1” which also has a graphic anchored to that paragraph the style reference to that heading will return “/Chapter 1”. Further, if you are using content controls to automate your document, Microsoft thought it was necessary to let you know this when using a styleref. For example if you have a heading with a content control drop down to choose between “Introduction” and “Executive Summary” any stylerefs to that paragraph will include pointy brackets around the content controlled text. So if you chose “Introduction” your styleref with be “”. Why? Because they’re idiots.

3. Word 2007 will now behave differently when selecting to open and repair 2003 documents and 2007 documents. If you open and repair a 2003 document (.doc) you will have the document appear with it’s original file name. However, if you open a 2007 document (.docm or .docx whether it’s 2003 compatible or not) you will have the document appear with Document1… you can keep doing this for a number of documents and each will be called Document1. And yes, if you open two documents at once with open and repair they’re still both called Document1.

4. Refreshing nested fields in footers with macros is next to impossible. This may be a side effect of having the fields look at content controls but either way a macro will only update one portion of my nested fields. The example I have is something like { IF =mod( {page}, 2) = “1” “{ ref This}” “{ ref That}” }.

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